We just have a client that is getting ready for new web shop launch and before site is live they wanted landing page with some news and info where potential new customers will leave details to be contacted when site is live

This year I have a few anniversaries to celebrate: I've been part of the digital industry for 15 years, and I've been an entrepreneur for 10 years. Finally, I've been working with Kentico for one decade. Time to take a grateful look back...

A few months ago, we had a client that wanted to personalize header images based on a season. That is nothing new, we already did this 12 years ago. You just create four images that are then called based on date criteria. This got me thinking - what about displaying content based on current weather? This is used in some video games.

Setting up personalization in Kentico EMS is a little easier and less development focused as in Kentico Cloud. That means you can setup some very cool personalization effects with little effort and some basic knowledge of Kentico.

If you are following my blog, you probably noticed that the last few posts were targeted at Kentico Cloud and its marketing features. My post today is about personalization, but it is more aimed at developers. I'll show you how to setup a simple personalization for your site.

Let’s go back in time to 2010 (that’s only 7 years, but light years in technology development time…). I remember having a project on Kentico 5.5 for Microsoft Croatia. It was the biggest regional conference and we had to connect Kentico to Dynamics CRM. On one side it was us, the Kentico experts, and on other side the Dynamics experts.

There is now a lot of talk about headless or decoupled CMS. And trust me it is on my topic list. But until it comes I would like to share my experience with Kentico Cloud Analytics tools. They should help you organize, track, segment, personalize and analyze contacts.

A few months ago, I gave you a quick introduction on how to start with marketing automation in Kentico. I’d like to share few ideas on what to do next and show you why you shouldn’t be afraid of Marketing Automation. As explained in my previous blog post we need to start simple and then build our process. Trust me, you’ll learn easily and love it!

I had lot of scenarios where a site is launched and the client has high expectations on generating new leads. PPC campaign is on the way, a fancy new landing page is created but results are not as expected. First problem that I saw was that my client thinks he knows his customers. Well does he really?

Let’s imagine we have a site that has a lot of traffic and we are getting new leads every day. Our biggest problem is how to qualify these leads. Someone that filled out our form on the landing page and left their details doesn’t immediately qualify as a good lead. We need a little more activity to transfer this lead to our CRM or sales team. Our solution to this problem is Kentico scoring.