Contact management in Kentico is like an address book of your future and current customers. A great advantage compared to other systems is that you can easily use it for other marketing activities on your site. If someone comes to your site and fills in contact form, we can store the person’s info in our contact management and identify his or her activities.

After my second blog post on personalized emails in online marketing I received questions asking about EMS in general and how to get started with online marketing.
Online marketing has changed tremendously since banners were considered to be the ideal way for attracting new customers. Today it is essential to use every available tool to attract, engage and keep your customers. A small adjustment in a header or an image change can make a great difference in sales, because competition is tough, information is available everywhere and around the clock, and customers have become even more critical.

We had a few scenarios where Email had to be personalized. The situation is pretty simple. The Marketing team is responsible for sending out Emails but Sales team should be contacted first. So we have the option of sending out Emails with a generic sales contact which is fine if we don’t have a sales team. What if we want the client to contact their sales representative? How to personalize that Email so it doesn’t look generic?

Discussions like what CMS is the best are same as what car is the best. At the end of the day every car will drive and frilly it’s primary function. Same story with CMS it will run your site and help you edit content. In the past I did evaluate and worked with many CMS solutions, we even build our own (that was 13 years ago). But for past 8 years I’m only working with Kentico CMS. In 2007 it was just another CMS on the market. As time passed Kentico started to grow and product become very impressive. So let me share my opinion why you should try this CMS.