This year I have a few anniversaries to celebrate: I've been part of the digital industry for 15 years, and I've been an entrepreneur for 10 years. Finally, I've been working with Kentico for one decade. Time to take a grateful look back...

Imagine that we have a digitally mature client that is releasing their site using marketing tools from Kentico EMS. After launch they are collecting tons of data. It takes a great amount of time to process this data. Now let’s imagine a client with same digital maturity, that is also going live using Kentico EMS. But this client is little bit different

In my previous blog post we saw how to create a contact from and collect data from our landing page. Before we start engaging our contacts it would be useful to separate them into different groups so we can easily target them. This can be done in Kentico by using Contact groups

Since the beginning of Kentico conferences I’ve only missed a single one – the very first. And I do have a very important excuse – I became a father! J But since then I have been a regular visitor to this conferences. And they are definitely worth the visit! Let me share a few reasons why you should join the fun!

Contact forms are one of most important sources to get information from your website visitors. When a visitor fills in a form with their details they are already interested in your offer. I will show you how to create a contact form in Kentico

Last month we launched a campaign with a landing page that was using Kentico EMS. It was a great success and we used many of Kentico’s amazing EMS features. I want to pass on our experience, so I created an example site to guide new users with all of the cool Kentico features. It is a “white paper download page” which you can download as a template. In the next few weeks I will be adding more and more EMS features so you can discover all of the EMS’s functionalities

We had a few scenarios where Email had to be personalized. The situation is pretty simple. The Marketing team is responsible for sending out Emails but Sales team should be contacted first. So we have the option of sending out Emails with a generic sales contact which is fine if we don’t have a sales team. What if we want the client to contact their sales representative? How to personalize that Email so it doesn’t look generic?

Discussions like what CMS is the best are same as what car is the best. At the end of the day every car will drive and frilly it’s primary function. Same story with CMS it will run your site and help you edit content. In the past I did evaluate and worked with many CMS solutions, we even build our own (that was 13 years ago). But for past 8 years I’m only working with Kentico CMS. In 2007 it was just another CMS on the market. As time passed Kentico started to grow and product become very impressive. So let me share my opinion why you should try this CMS.