Petar KozjakHey, my name is Petar and I'm managing director at EMAKINA.HR.

I started to build websites in 2002 as student, when Flash was the technology of the future. I took my first coding steps in HTML4. I still like to share my experiences with new guys, on how sites were built at the beginning of the millennium and how we loved working with tables. Back then a CMS was something so innovative that my team developed a first solution based on ASP. This solution was used for years, and a few sites still use it today.

When we decided to found Endora in 2007 we needed something more scalable, and we found and have learned to love Kentico. Back then Kentico was just another CMS, but in the past years it has developed into a powerful CMS with marketing tools. In 2015 we joined forces with the Austrian company EMAKINA Central & Eastern Europe (former diamond:dogs) and became part of the EMAKINA Group.

Because of my background and years of experience using Kentico, I decided to start this blog, to share some of our experiences and help others.

When I’m not working I spend time with my wife and two kids. My hobbies are collecting video games and watching movies. Apart from my interest in IT, and to take a break from geeky stuff, I like history, philosophy, and theology.