Online Marketing: getting started with Kentico EMS

Online Marketing: getting started with Kentico EMS

After my second blog post on personalized emails in online marketing I received questions asking about EMS in general and how to get started with online marketing.
Online marketing has changed tremendously since banners were considered to be the ideal way for attracting new customers. Today it is essential to use every available tool to attract, engage and keep your customers. A small adjustment in a header or an image change can make a great difference in sales, because competition is tough, information is available everywhere and around the clock, and customers have become even more critical.

EMS is short for Enterprise Marketing Solution and is, simply put, a Web Content Management System with a set of marketing tools. These tools will help you understand your customers and their needs, engage new users, build loyalty and drive your sales. That is why I also like to describe it as “Kentico CMS on marketing steroids”.

Let’s imagine you have your site and content ready and you want to start with EMS. I would definitely advise to start small and slow. That means we won’t implement every single tool or process, or run 50 different tests. I have seen clients really excited about EMS, and they wanted to start using every available mechanism. They ended up confused and with too much data that they couldn’t process. It’s important to start gradually, get to know the systems, and then dive into more detail.

I’ve compiled a list of ideas of how to best get started with EMS. In upcoming blog posts I will explain how to implement some of these ideas, and link them to the Kentico documentation.

Contact management

This tool will help you understand your visitors. It will collect visitors’ behavior, activity and data.

What to implement first:
  • link forms to contact management
  • import email subscriber data

Marketing automation

As the name says this will automate your marketing activities, e.g. it can automatically send your customers happy birthday emails with a coupon code for a discount (Kentico marketing automation video:

What to implement first:
  • a welcome email after a registration or a form entry
  • segmentation by assigning contacts to contact groups
  • abandoned shopping cart

Lead scoring and engagement scoring

Scoring will help you identify hot leads based on their activity or behavior (Kentico lead scoring video:

What to implement first:
  • points for filling in the form or registration
  • points for visits
  • points for an opened email

Web analytics and reporting

It is essential to have a performance overview of your visits, registered users, email subscribers, site activity etc.

What to implement first:
  • configure a report about the latest implementation process, such as new registered users

Content personalization & contact groups

Content personalization will help you segment your audience, and display relevant content to specific groups, based on your predefined rules.

What to implement first:
  • create contact groups (you can use them in email marketing)
  • define personas (you can then display specific content on your site)

Email marketing

Newsletters and emails are still a very powerful way of reaching your customers. Out of the box email marketing allows you to create, send and track emails.

What to implement first:
  • specific newsletters for contact groups
  • a generic email to lead visitors back to your site

A/B and MVT Test

A single title or an image can make a difference for you visitors. A/B and MVT testing allow you to automatically create versions of your pages and test their performance on a sample of you visitors, to see which are performing best.

What to implement first:
  • landing page A/B or MVT test
  • email A/B test

Many of these tools are easily implemented and will give you instant results. I encourage you to try some of them and monitor the results. I’m sure some of your experiences will be eye-opening and will get you ready for more in-depth tools which the EMS offers. I look forward to hearing of your experiences.