Separating contacts into groups

Separating contacts into groups

In my previous blog post we saw how to create a contact from and collect data from our landing page. Before we start engaging our contacts it would be useful to separate them into different groups so we can easily target them. This can be done in Kentico by using Contact groups

Contact groups are easy to set up and very important for future steps.

In our contact form you saw that we have two questions with answers:

Question: Do you provide marketing service?
Answer: Yes / No

Question: How many employees does your organization have?
  • 1-10
  • 11-25
  • 26-50
  • 51-100
  • 100+

Our first question will separate contacts who are already offering marketing services, they are most likely agencies or experienced users. The second question will give us an answer to how large our potential customer is.

Let’s create a group for the first category: non-agency.
Go to On-line Marketing > Contact Group > New Contact Group

Name: Non-agency
Description: Contacts that don't provide marketing services.
Condition-based contact group: check
Macro condition:  
Scheduled rebuild: unchecked

Before we save we need to add a condition: click on Edit in Macro Condition. On the right side in Available Rules look for the rule “contact has filled in form field with value containing specific text in the last X days”. Use the arrow to move it to the editor or drag and drop it. In here select “form and field” - in our case this is: White paper download form and the field Do you provide marketing service? Next we will set up the value: containing 2 and in last 7 days. Your macro condition should look like this:

Contact has filled in form field White paper download form - Do you provide marketing service? * 
with value containing 2 in the last 7 day(s)


Click Save and Close on the Macro dialog and click Save on your new Contact Group.

This condition looks pretty logical and it will put any new contact from the form in our Non-Agency group. To apply this rule on an old contact you can click on Rebuild Contact Group in General. Just have in mind that my condition was for the last 7 days, you can modify this to 365.

Our next step is to test if our setup working. For testing I would recommend to open your site in a new private window. Fill in the contact form and in Do you provide marketing service? select No.

Now when you go to Contact Group > Non-Agency > Contacts you can see our test contact imminently segmented by this rule.

If you are working on my landing page template, you can see that I have created other groups:
  • Small business (1-10)
  • Medium business (11-25)
  • Large business (26-100)
  • Enterprise (100+)

I would suggest that you create an Agency group to practice. If you did everything according to my instructions, you have successfully created a contact group and automatically placed contact into it.

As you can see this is a very powerful and easy way to segment new and old contacts. The great thing about Kentico is that it provides you with many out of the box macro rules so you are ready to start with any kind of segmentation.

For more insight into Contact groups you can check the Kentico documentation. And as always, if you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me! And stay tuned.