Why is 404 a must visit event

Why is 404 a must visit event

Since the beginning of Kentico conferences I’ve only missed a single one – the very first. And I do have a very important excuse – I became a father! J But since then I have been a regular visitor to this conferences. And they are definitely worth the visit! Let me share a few reasons why you should join the fun!

If we eliminate a fact that Czechs are great people to have fun and drink with, we are left with some more professional reasons.


My first and main reason is to meet great people. And I can put them into 3 contact groups, just like in Kentico EMS. My first group is partners - super heroes representing their businesses. They are a great group if you are a company owner and need some advice and help, or if you want to hear their experience with Kentico. My second group is potential clients that are looking for partners to help them with projects. And my final group is Kentico employees, a gang of super cool guys that will try to help you right away.

Meet the Kentico team

As I have said the Kentico team is gang of super cool guys. And the conference is a great opportunity to meet them in person. Schedule a 1-on-1 sessions. Get insights into how things work. Ask them about your projects, if your approach was good or just discuss your future projects. They are very communicative and open.


Some of us are old school Kentico guys, but every year I see more and more new partners and customers visiting the event. In the agenda you can find great hands on sessions done by Kentico, MVPs or partners. These are of great value because they will show you best practices. The agenda is always split into Business or Technology, which I translate as focusing on sales, managers, business owners, and marketers for “Business” and developers, geeks, and tech gurus for “Technology”.

Are you convinced?

If these are not good enough reasons to visit Kentico 404, then let me tell you that it is in Las Vegas. I think that is an awesome reason to come!
And I’d love to meet you there! This month I’m celebrating 9 years working with Kentico, I’ve got lots of stories to tell.
You can find more info about 404 here.