Why chose Kentico CMS?

Why chose Kentico CMS?

Discussions like what CMS is the best are same as what car is the best. At the end of the day every car will drive and frilly it’s primary function. Same story with CMS it will run your site and help you edit content. In the past I did evaluate and worked with many CMS solutions, we even build our own (that was 13 years ago). But for past 8 years I’m only working with Kentico CMS. In 2007 it was just another CMS on the market. As time passed Kentico started to grow and product become very impressive. So let me share my opinion why you should try this CMS.

Portal Engine

When I have started to use Kentico in 2007 I didn’t have strong development skills but we had few projects for delivery. Discovery that site can be built from internal interface was remarkable. Portal Engine is like building blocks for site. You can take any available web part like navigation or search box and add it to the site in few seconds. Design or configuration changes can be done in a second. I know my clients love this when they ask for different ordering of articles and we can do it during a call. For me this is the best feature and it works perfectly!


I have to admit I loved old iframe style interface, but new version 8 is great. In matter of seconds you can switch from pages to settings, page types or CSS. Interface is fast and intuitive. Let’s be honest when you have so many features it is hard to organize them, but I think Kentico did a great job. You can also use UI Personalization to customize interface and permissions for clients (this makes like much easier for developers).  


I’m not sure how is with other systems, to customize anything in Kentico is pretty easy. If you need new custom function for transformation just throw your code in App_code. If you need new web part with properties Kentico will generate you the code. Even if you are not sure where to start with API you can use in-site API examples that will generate the code for you. Even more complex development like modules can be easily created from interface. If you are just focusing on portal engine everything can be changes with few clicks.

Easy to start with

With Kentico you will be developing quickly. Just install Kentico with one of example sites and you can see how every control works. Kentico has a great documentation and lot of videos to help you. My recommendation is to try it yourself, exploring is best way to learn. Trust me everyone in my team has one out of the box installation just to check how some web part is configured.

EMS (CMS on steroids with marketing tools)

It someone would ask me to describe EMS features in a single word it would be “sexy”. EMS can take you site to completely another level. If you wanted insight what you visitors are doing what that they want to see EMS is perfect solution. In past 2 years almost every project we did was EMS. Usually it started with we need a site and after EMS presentation it was “we want that”. If you are not sure what EMS is beside “sexy” it is set of marketing tools like marketing automation, personalization, e-mail marketing, A/B testing and reports. Great thing about EMS it is integrated with entire platform so you get single platform with this cool marketing tools.

Fantastic Support

Probably I wouldn’t be here writing this if Kentico didn’t have such a great support. Now when I look at my questions they look silly, but at that time it was science fiction. I think right now I use support few times a year. But Kentico support replied to every stupid question that I had. I didn’t get generic replies. They really did put lot of time into it to help me become more independent. One thing that I need to point out is that you need to provide as much as possible so they can understand what your problem is. Ticket like “My repeater doesn’t work, why?” won’t work. What I recommend is screencast video or site access with detailed explanation. At the end they don’t read minds except in some cases.

Company that you can trust

Over past years I had a chance to meeting most of Kentico team. Beside fact that they are great guys that can drink lot of beer they all act as a big family that believe in this product. We as a partner are also treated as part of the family (if they are brothers and sisters we are cousins).  That is great feeling to have. If you want more practical example most of the features that you see today were suggested by partners like us. Kentico listens to its users and I believe this is why they have such a great product.