Lead Scoring in Kentico

Lead Scoring in Kentico

Let’s imagine we have a site that has a lot of traffic and we are getting new leads every day. Our biggest problem is how to qualify these leads. Someone that filled out our form on the landing page and left their details doesn’t immediately qualify as a good lead. We need a little more activity to transfer this lead to our CRM or sales team. Our solution to this problem is Kentico scoring.

With the Kentico scoring module we can define a set of rules that determine how hot our lead is. The system will assign a numeric point to a specific visitor activity or a property (attribute). Each of these value scores are defined in another set of rules. Leads that fall into these rules can gain or lose points.

Here is one example scenario. We have our Marketing Master Ninja Landing page, and to everyone who
  1. fills out the contact form we will assign 10 points (activity)
  2. downloads a guide we will assign 5 points (activity)
  3. provides marketing services we will assign 5 points (attribute)
  4. returns to the site we will assign 5 points for every return (activity).
But to make it more interesting and to qualify our leads better we will add negative points. To everyone who
  1. does not download the guide within 10 days we will subtract 5 points (activity)
  2. does not return to our site we will subtract 5 points (activity).

The total score for a good lead should be 20+ points. Anything under that won’t be considered as a good lead. We can also extend our scenario and add additional mail reminders for the guide download, if the email is not opened. Through this we can find out if our lead missed the email.

I will show you how to create a scoring for every filled contact form on my page.

Open Kentico > On-Line Marketing > Scoring > New Score

The only mandatory field is the name of our score. But we have one other interesting option here – the possibility to add a notification email when our lead reaches a defined value. This is a great option for everyone who is not using a CRM because they will get a notification about any hot leads.

Our next step is to define a rule for the form submission. Go to Rules > New Rule and select Activity, fill in Rule name, Score value and from the Form drop down select the form that you will be giving points for in this activity. In my case this is White paper download form. As you can see we have many other options that can be added for more accuracy or time span.

After our rule is saved we can click Recalculate so all our previous contact activities can be added to the calculation. Now if I return to Contacts I can see we already have some lead scores.

As you can see from this example Scoring can be a powerful tool for your business and it is not too complicated for setup. Result can be incredible.

I would advise you to check Kentico resources for more information:

Have fun transforming your leads into hot leads!