Free Kentico CRM Connector

Free Kentico CRM Connector

Imagine that we have a digitally mature client that is releasing their site using marketing tools from Kentico EMS. After launch they are collecting tons of data. It takes a great amount of time to process this data. Now let’s imagine a client with same digital maturity, that is also going live using Kentico EMS. But this client is little bit different

They want to embrace a full digital transformation. They want to have 360 view of their client, also they want their site to become engagement platform. What is next step for this client?

CRM (Customer relationship management) with Kentico EMS. Our client now can start campaigns with existing customers. On day one of site launch they can send out newsletter to their customer with message: “Hey we have a new site!”.

Kentico EMS with CRM Connector you can combine these two systems and synchronize data. We’re no longer talking about just collecting leads, we’re considering enriching our leads with data, all the data we can get! For B2C companies this should be automated, for B2B companies it will have direct impact on their sales strategy.

The EMAKINA Kentico CRM connector is not just a Kentico synchronization module, it’s a tailored application which we developed in our technology partnership with Kentico.

And one final great news! CRM Connector is free till end of January 2016. so sign up now: