Preparing new site for launch

Preparing new site for launch

We just have a client that is getting ready for new web shop launch and before site is live they wanted landing page with some news and info where potential new customers will leave details to be contacted when site is live

My mission is to help their online marketing department with few simple steps what they need to do. As they have this landing page live we want to get most of it. Landing page will serve primarily as presentational and introduction page, but it will have blog post. When web shop is live blog will be part of it.

Simultaneously there will be few sources that will bring customers:
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • PR articles (interviews, promo announcements)
Client won’t go with any PPC options at this stage. This is planned for web shop phase.
In this simple stage it is very important to have following implemented:
  • Analytics
  • Contact management
  • Customer survey
  • Marketing automation

When user comes to our landing page they will see that we are preparing for big site launch, till then they can read blog and get usefully info about products. Visitors will be asked to leave their details like First Name, Last Name and Email to get pre-launch offers. After they sign up we will send survey where they can leave more details what we will use for segmentation.


We need both Kentico and Google Analytics. So first here are instructions how to setup Google Analytics:

Second is Kentico Web Analytics. Before we start it is important to check are they enabled: Settings > On-line Marketing > Web Analytics > Check Enable web analytics.

Now we need to get more familiar with Web Analytics:

Contact management

We will have a simple sign up form that will enable visitors to leave their contact:

In my previous blog post I did explain how to create contacts from new entry:

Contact management will enable us to get basic info from potential customers.

Customer survey

Now we need to create one simple page where we will collect more detailed data from our future customers. This survey will enable us to segment our contacts.

Here is explanation how to use segmentation on form questions:

Marketing automation

We will use marketing automation to send to new signed up customer link to customer survey page. After they will in survey they will get “Thank you email” and we will segment them by data in survey.

Here is how to start with marketing automation:


Now we are ready with our pre-launch site. This site will help us with successful launch of web shop for Christmas. With these simple steps we have laid a solid ground for future marketing processes.